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The End of an Era

The past three weeks have been very hard on me. As many of you know, my aunt and sister died just a day apart from each other. This evening I find out that my brother and my uncle died. I am now the last survivor of my immediate family and only have one uncle left alive.

Good thing I have a Woman's Divison Leader coming for a home visit tomorrow because I urgently need council and encouragement. I wonder how much Daimouku I am going to need for this....

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Some music & dancing that always cheers me up.

This video and song are so full of life and energy and I hope it will make you smile and dance too! It is Elvis Presley's A Little Less Conversation remixed by Junkie… Continue

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Words of Wisdom-David Lynch

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Words of Wisdom-An Idea Bomb

The following comes from Comic Book Magician Grant Morrison:

"What we need now is a Don Juan role model, a shamanic soldier priest who can cope with what's going on, to deal with the type of energies we're up against in the jungles of our democractic cultures, where the new word for demon is 'corporation', where mind-devouring glamors are used in advertising, where sigils become logos and warlocks are called spin doctors. Because you can't go into this like a… Continue

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Noosphere Noon

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I remember it was sometime in 1999 C. E. I was taking classes at the local community college-it was afternoon-I was at the library. Instead of doing whatever I was suppose to be doing-I ended up just looking for odd books & copying strange or meaningful quotes. I didn't have Internet access back then-or if I did it was limited & back then the library really was the place to go for information-anyways here are some of… Continue

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Contemplation for today...

From Shin Yatomi's article "An Illusion of Independence," apparently originally published in the World Tribune 10-3-03 (before my time), I found it in the book "Buddhism in a New Light." I am tempted to post the whole article...then I suppose that's not so much blogging as it is...plagiarism...ahem.

"Unlike medieval villagers who knew intimately where their bread and eggs came from, we never see those who make our lives possible, and we rarely think of them. Modern technology and the…


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I would like to spend my life collecting sunsets.

Brilliant memories of red , orange , blue and gold.

My life would then become a tapestry filled with vibrant threads ,woven in hues of indigo and violet. And as I age…


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R.I.P Alex Gast

Yesterdaynight I received the sad news that one of my swim mates had unexpectedly died.I have been in shock all day.
His name was Alex Gast and this is his photo:

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Dried Ripping - A Poem

Dried Ripping

Color of Hope

A bottle of water, pure water,

Pulled from fridge very cool,

It satisfies my thirst of…


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Another Toso

I don't know what it is lately but I seem to be doing Toso like crazy. I started a toso this morning around 5 am and just finished it about 15 minutes ago....its now 7:15 pm.

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More quotes in my head...

Not from a Nichiren Buddhist but good stuff...

"Looking for alternatives--better sights than we see, better sounds than we hear, a better mind than we have--keeps us from realizing that we could stand with pride in the middle of our life and realize it's a sacred mandala."--Pema Chodron

"Compassion isn't some kind of self-improvement project or ideal that we're trying to live up to. Having compassion starts and ends with having compassion for all those unwanted parts of…


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Last night as I was writing I heard an incredible loud and deafening noise right outside my window and…


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My thoughts on the super fairy... ;-) I mean superferry :-(

Shame on Linda Lingle!

Wasting the taxpayers money, right now it's cheaper to fly.

Maybe she didn't waste the money but it could have been spent

on much better things, then a boat the locals can't afford.

You know how much a round trip ticket cost on the superferry?

Somewhere upwards of $500... but I guess that's the price of

luxury. So you can drive your own car on the islands.

I can understand if it was…


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Slow Gongyo?! What do you think??

What you think...

I guess it's all about personal preference, but I think, Gongyo should be

done at a slow and steady pace. Not like achingly slow..., but at a slow

enough pace so that you have to pronounce every single syllable of Gongyo!

I mean were in church because we want to be together and chant together

but let's do it at a pace that we can all follow beginners and all!

I know I always feel better going slower and thinking of happy thoughts,

things I…


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Some quotes I'm contemplating...

"Buddhism teaches that the mind encompasses the entire universe. When we change our innermost state of mind, our whole being changes, and this affects the world in which we live. This is the teaching of the oneness of life and its environment, and the principle of a single life-moment possessing three thousand realms… Everything starts with a strong determination." ---Daisaku Ikeda

"'Nonviolence' does not merely mean to refrain from violence.…


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The Breakthrough Toso

OMG I am so tired. Today has been amazing and tiring at the same time. I just finished a 10 hour toso on my own. This is the longest I have ever done a toso. I can't wait to see the benefits from this!!!!!!!! I have no voice right now either lol

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The Zealot's Gratitude

As a part of my Spiritual work I am performing Gratitude

twice daily-that is you list five things that you are grateful

for-& give thanks. Yes-this may sound a bit Hippy-Drippy-or New

Agey[eeek!!!] But this really does aid in tempering the Ego-which can

get out of hand in most Spiritual work.

So here is my Gratitude List:

!. I am thankful & grateful to the Mystic Law for this experience of Awakening &…

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From Nov 4, 07 until Now

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I had been studying for 3 months on the SGI-USA website and began chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo the same day I began my studies. I began receiving benefits and the inner strength that had been in me all this time but was locked away surfaced and I had the strength to stand up for myself against an abusive husband.

This was a very emotional day for me because it was the day…


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