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I'm in First Place in the 6th Annual Guitar Center Singer/Song Writer Contest.

I've made a determination in front of my gohonzon that I'm going to finally end my 12-plus years in self-imposed exile on the backside of Japan, near Sado Island (I can see Sado Island on clear days and it reminds me of my younger days living in Huntington Beach, California, looking at Catalina Island) and come back to the US, to fight for kosen rufu with my bodhisattva SGI-USA friends.…


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Call in to my bi weekly Healing Radio Show and get some free energy healing.

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/timjanakos  twice a week I take calls and do free Body Code and Emotion Code Healing and occasionally add in a few other healing modalities.  I also have guest healer come on the call every once in a while to take the calls with other modalities of healing.  

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Happy Mother's Day, my Bodhisattva friends around the world! What a great day for some FREE healing! In about 5 1/2 hours, I will be hosting my 4th Emotion Code and Body Code Healing FREE Call-in Sho…

Happy Mother's Day, my Bodhisattva friends around the world!

What a great day for some FREE healing!

In about 5 1/2 hours, I will be hosting my 4th Emotion Code and Body Code Healing FREE Call-in Show on Mother's Day!


The first 3 calls were…


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Open Letter to My Mentor, Daisaku Ikeda on his birthday.

Dear President Ikeda,


January 2nd, 2013


Happy New Year and happy birthday.


After 3 years of intense struggle, I have finally finished my latest CD, "The Beginning is Here," which I released on Dec. 21st, 2012 (enclosed for your enjoyment).


I was very fortunate that 3 years ago, while I was going through a very painful time in my life (my divorce) that I happened to find the most incredible music producer, who just happened to…


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Giving away some free Energetic Emotional Healing sessions.

Hello my friends around the world!

I'm so Fricken EXCITED!!!

Not because the freezing cold winter is almost over, not because I'm on song 8 of my new CD (I hope to finally be finished with it by my 3rd annual, summer, all-Japan music tour this summer), not because I'm going to be a father on about July 13th (my mother's birthday) and not because we had the first sunny day in a few days in freezing cold Niigata, Japan (though I am exited about all those things…


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Please send daimoku for my wife.

My wife, Mari Kobayashi, is pregnant for the 2nd time this year.  The first time she was so sick for the first 3 months of pregnancy that the baby didn't make it.  The doctors said that either the baby would die or she would die.

Now she is about one month pregnant again and she is having all the same symptoms, including still bleeding and throwing up everything she tries to eat for the past 3 weeks.

My wife is not yet an SGI member and in fact she is very much against the…


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I've always wanted to do an all US road music tour, but now I'm wondering if I'll have to do it with a gas mask on?

I've seen some pretty shocking documentaries before, but now I understand why this one is up for an academy award.  This destruction of the US natural areas by Natural Gas Fracking is so disturbing, but you have to watch this and you have to spread the word if you are a bodisatva and you want to save the US from completely destroying what's left of it's natural enviroment.  Be prepared to cry when you watch it though. 


Here is the link where you can watch the complete…


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The experience I will deliver in Tokyo today at the TIG (Tokyo International Group) meeting.

Final version of Tim’s Experience for Tokyo 12/12

It's been my dream since as long as I can remember to be a singer/song writer. And even longer than that, I 've been an SGI member. Ever since I began to practice strongly, when I was about 10-years old, I saw my practice as the engine to enable me to realize this seemingly impossible dream

Over many years of struggling to realize my dream, I finally learned how to write my own music.…


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My letter to the confused so-called "independent" Nichiren Shu believer.

This is just one of my many letters back and forth to this very hard headed guy, who I really should just let be, because I don't think he get's anything I say. But since he first contacts me I feel I have to answer him.

I don't know why I keep answering your questions.

You are so skewed in your thinking and you try to put words in my mouth,

like saying I claimed that unless you follow the SGI you can't get

benefit. None of my emails said anything like… Continue

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The 90-Day All Japan, Motorcycle/Music Tour is coming to take me away!!

I haven't found a job yet, and my 5-year JET (Japan Exchange Teaching) contract ends today. But luckily I found out that I qualify for 90 days unemployment insurance and I found two new roommates to move into my house this next month.

On top of that I was chanting for someone to watch my cats, and on Tuesday I went to an interview for my current job, and there was a girl interviewing, who just arrived in Japan that day, with no where to stay and she agreed to stay at my house…


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I'm still swimming in a torment of emotions. I've been chanting an hour or two everyday and it just seems to be washing more to the surface.

I have another month and a couple weeks left on my work contract in Japan and I haven't yet found I job I want to take. But I really don't want to leave Japan now that I finally found the producer who is making my music better than I could even imagined it would be. But I have 2 choices: find another English Teaching job, which I've been looking for for a couple months or find a recording contract, which I've been looking for for all my adult life (a book deal would be nice too). Maybe I'll… Continue

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Time for some serious daimoku!

I just took a drastic leap of faith and had a director come out from Los Angeles to Japan to film my first music video and I didn't really have the money to do it, but I just went with the "somehow the money will come from somewhere."

And the day before he took off from Los Angeles a car crashed into my motorcycle, which now means I have to fix my motorcycle (until my insurance reimburses me) but I don't even have the money to fix my bike now after making the video (which is still… Continue

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My newest song about my divorce, Chasing Butterflies and I'll be on TV (NHK).

I'm very happy to announce that I just finished my second song on my newest CD, "Brighter Than the Sun," called "Chasing Butterflies" with Wave Reader Productions and it is streaming now on many websites, including (but definitely not limited to):



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My Statement of Purpose for a full scholarship I'm applying for.

This scholarship will be to get my MA in Ethnic Conflict Resolution at Queens University, School of Politics, Philosphy and International Studies, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

To whom it may concern.

I am honored and happy for the opportunity to apply for this MA

scholarship in Comparative Ethnic Conflict at Queens University Belfast

(QUB). I feel everything over the last 10-15 years has led me to become

a perfect candidate for this scholarship.

I… Continue

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Timothy Harada is Dead!

On 2/2/2010, the artist formerly known as Timothy Harada passed into oblivion.

And from out of the smoldering ashes of the funeral pyre emerged the resurrected TVC-16 - Son of TVC-15, brother of HVC-3, singer, writer, thinker, trickster, bodhisattva and now podcast host.

TVC-16 has emerged from a sea of change with a new single: It's All Up to You, produced by Remi Desroques of Wave Reader Productions and he is in the process of recording a full CD with him, featuring Yuji… Continue

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I think I've finally found the producer I've always been looking for.

The first song that is on my music player is the first song produced by Remi Desroques of Wave Reader Productions in Nagaoka, Japan. It was a song I wrote back in 2007, but I never got around to making a professional recording. It took many "failures" trying to record with many people to finally get it right. I hope you enjoy the new song and I hope it's just a taste of many more to come.

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My experience in progress.

I look forward to writing more about this when I'm all the way through the darkness. My wife and I are getting a divorce and we have now moved apart from each other for the past week and a half. We have tried this before (about 6 months ago), but we both cried too much, so we couldn't do it.

Although I'm struggling so much, I have realized that unlike other breakups in the past (girl friends) this is the first time we have both decided mutually this is the best thing for both of us,… Continue

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The Ethical Controversies of Drugging Our Kids (podcast transcript).

To listen to this blog click on: http://www.garageband.com/mp3cat/.UZCPZCmM4q2g/01_The_Ethical_Controversies_of_Drugging_Our_Kids.mp3

I wrote this writing as a final in my freshmen Philosophy class at SUA in 2001. I was asked to relate every philosophical theory we learned in the class to a current ethical controversy. Though I didn't include anything about… Continue

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Talk about changing poison into medicine (Warning it has some bad language).

I forgot all about the first few exchanges I had with this one person I'm good friends with now online (a fellow song writer). I don't even know how we first got in touch with each other. But for some reason he was on my email list for my website (www.timharada.com) and as any of you know who might have read some of my writings, sometimes I can write a few things that can shock a few people (but some people need shock treatment).

So this guy… Continue

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Author of the Fearless Puppy on the American Road reviewed my Buddhist discovery novel, Myth Shattering.

I was very happy that I received a very positive review from a student and writer of Tibetan Buddhism, the author of the true hitchhiking story, "Fearless Puppy on the American Road," a book I greatly enjoyed and recommend to everyone. Here's what he wrote about my book:

"Myth Shattering by Timothy Harada is a perfect example of just how beneficial a fearless investigation of the truth can be. This book offers enough resource materials and references to keep us all smarter and… Continue

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