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I'm now an Arbonne Distributor.…


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Help the Homeless

Help the Homeless

Online or off - you can make a…


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Live Well!

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Up Close with Social Activists, Thought Leaders and People Making a Difference


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Social Justice & Sustainable Living


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Chant for My Homeless Friends

I have a favor to ask. I have a book about how to help the homeless coming out in May and we literally just put up a community so when the book comes out there will have a place to meet others and help our homeless friends online and off.

I would love to have you be part. I am hoping you will chant for this communities success and the people that will be helped if people engage in their communities. I will also be giving away free…


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Suggest SGI Authors & Books for the Radio Show

I'll have a segment on my upcoming show where I interview a Goodreads Author. I'm hoping you can suggest SGI Authors and books for the show that are on Goodreads. Its also a good chance for Kosen-rufu as we share the books and Authors on the Goodreads group and it will help me find guests that will inspire. 

What SGI Authors or books…


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I got married Sunday!

forever green I got tatoo'd, was stranded at the Hot Springs and got married!

For those of you that don't know me, I'm Chris LOL. I started this place because I travel 100% of the time and found it hard to get plugged into local SGI groups. Dan has been the driving force behind making this what it is today. Please leave Dan a commenat and say thanks. Say Thanks to Dan Here

I don't even know where to… Continue

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The Farm Sanctaury: My New Video

This past week we went out to the Farm Sanctuary and the Manager, Leanne Cronquist, introduced us to the animals the members of VegHqaven are ALREADY supporting! 

When I was at The Farm making the video I got to spend the day with children, families, and others coming out to spend a day appreciating life. I'm honored that our community can play a role in helping The Farm Sanctuary continue to rescue, educate and advocate for animals. They…


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My New Video: Truckee, California!

The above video is of us driving along Lake Tahoe on our way to Portland, Oregon for the main event.

We stopped off in truckee and stayed with Dinny Evans home a Radical Forgiveness coach that's a friend of mine.

The video I'm posting tomorrow is from The Farm Sanctuary in Orland, CA.

I think its gonna be my favorite. They introduce us to all the animals I'm sponoring!



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New Video from The Forever Green Tour! Yosemite National Park!

We left Mariposa (see last video) and drove through Yosmite. We went from one end (CA) to the other (NV) and came out on the other side.

Next video is our road rally in Truckee and then we're on to Portland for the main event!

Road Rallys are way we stop and see people on our wayto a mian event. At a main event we spend 5 days in a city and create a monthly volunteer day, community potluck and more.

I am very thankful to allour sponsors… Continue

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My Latest Video from the Forever Green Tour >> Too Funny!

This is the latest video of us on the Forever Green Lifestyle Tour.

We're on our way to our main event in Portland Oregon where we will hold a Community Stand (Volunteer Day). an Appreciation Party and a Potuck event. When we leave each city there will be a group that gets together eaqch month to volunteer and have a potluck. Some also join our Forever Green Community.

This is a cool video we made of our stay in Mariposa, CA. We're now in Reno, NV and heading to Orland… Continue

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My Life ROCKS!!! Party July 4th! Can you come?

Could my life be any better?

Maybe, but I couldn't imagine how!

I have so many incredible things happening in my life right now.

First, I will be at the 4th of July Party at The Farm Sancuary. Come party with me and a bunch of Farm Animals! Details


I am now on the Forever Green Lifestyle Tour!

Lets talk about the Forver Greeen Tour first!…


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My First Video! The Forever Green Lifestyle Tour

We just made the above video. We're at my mom's house in California waiting for Cody to show up with the RV. It's supposed to be done getting wrapped today. The RV in the video was digitally created to show us what it would look like.

It's been interesting to observe how I feel as I get rid of everythig in my life that doesn't fit on an RV and get ready to tour the country on the Forever Green Lifestyle Tour. To see how much "stuff" I've… Continue

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Leaving fo 15 months! RV Tour of America Starts this Weekend

Forever Green

Zattva, the little guy above, is a 4 pound chihuahual He's 3 months old and will be arund 8 pounds when full grown.

This weekend I leave on the Forever Green Lifestyle Tour! I'll be touring the USA and Canada for the next 15 months- in an RV-… Continue

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I'm Leaving to Tour America!

The Forever Green Tour!


For nearly two years I've held the intention to tour America in an RV. I intended to meet people, create community and make a difference. Now all that and more is about to happen!

I first travelled showing "The Secret" before it came out and met thousands of people; people that value community and enjoy creating a better world like me. When convential teachings left them… Continue

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101 Reasons to go Vegetarian










Every year in the UK we feed our livestock enough food to feed 250,000,000 people while in the world 30,000,000 people die of starvation

20 vegetarians can live off the land required by one meat eater

Every 3 seconds a child dies of starvation somewhere in the world

If Americans reduced their meat consumption… Continue

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