Awakening our Greatness with the Power of the Gohonzon

Hello Everyone,

Today is my 16 year Gohonzon Birthday!! My Husband Jason was there when I first received my Gohonzon. We were dating a few months and I asked him to be there with me. He is the Light of My Life, My Soul Mate. We have been together from the moment we met, 16 years ago! Two months before I met Jason I was challenging many things and I chanted, crying, looking outside my window( I did not have my Gohonzon yet) to meet Someone Amazing, Someone Special. That very next night I met Jason, it was Love At First Sight. I knew I just met my Husband, he took my breath away. He still does after 16 years and we have been together ever since. I remember I couldn't wait to go home and chant Appreciation for just meeting Jason, I was so Overjoyed! I knew my life was changed forever.  I finished chanting abundant Appreciation Daimoku today on this Special Day. We often chant for whatever it may be that we are changing in our lives but it is also important to chant Appreciation for our Lives. I am chanting Daimoku for those goals that I had made when I first received my Gohonzon. I have such appreciation for this Buddhism, it has changed my life on such a profound level. That is the power of the Gohonzon. To remember that the Gohonzon is within us, it is not outside of us is so important. We tend to look outside at what can help us change a situation when it is and always will be within ourselves. Moving forward in this New Year I am awakening all of those Dreams and Goals I have set years ago, those prayers have been there at every Gongyo and every Daimoku but now it is time to really challenge them into reality. Isn't that why we chant? As Linda Johnson said "We chant to live Extraordinary Lives not Ordinary Lives" We have the power of the Gohonzon in our lives, what is there that we cannot create Victory? This Victory that we create benefits not only our lives but the lives of everyone around us, our environment. We are constantly told we cannot do something, what if we knew deep within our lives that we could and we had that deep of  conviction? Now that is Amazing!  Keep chanting, strengthen your Faith and Trust that your life is moving in the direction of your prayers, even though it seems like you may never get there and the road has been long, everything is a benefit and you will see your prayers answered in a way you could never imagine.

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Comment by Raman Arora on January 2, 2014 at 2:54am

great Mary, Nice experience

Comment by Cherry Bell on October 7, 2013 at 4:04pm

Wow. Thank you sooo much for sharing your experiences. Romantic relationships are so tough on many people I know - and I am always happy to hear stories of couples who works out!!

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