Being Enlightened Gets You Everything In Life

Being Enlightened Gets You Everything In Life

Enlightenment is about seeing through the illusions of life and knowing what reality really is.

When you are enlightened, you can have everything you want. Because you’ll know the truth about
what everything is, and what does it really mean to have something. It is an irony of the world
that the people who seek material things and desire to have them before thinking about
enlightenment, tend to attain neither, but those that acquire enlightenment first are the ones who
do. The desireless attain all their desires.

Being desireless is not about having no desire, but it is about having no attachment to desire.
Attachment is the cause of all suffering. Suffering is burning emotional energy on the
uncontrollable. The more you suffer, the more suffering you attract. Letting go of all attachments
is the way to end all suffering. When you are attached, you are in a state of wanting or lacking.
When you are detached, you are in a state of being desireless. Enlightenment is about knowing why
detachment gets you your desire.

Physical reality is an illusion created by consciousness to rediscover itself. It is an illusion
that you do not have what you already want, because you already have all that you desire in
spiritual reality. Physical reality is a place for you to manifest anything that you are resonating
with from spiritual reality. When you are attached, you are resonating with the spiritual untruth
that you do not have your desire. When you are detached, you are resonating with the spiritual
truth that you already have your desire.

You free yourself by being emotionally detached from choices. Many people fail to get what they
want because they do not free themselves to have it. You trap yourself when you are attached to
choices. You think that it has to work a particular way rather than allowing yourself to go another
way. Detachment from choices is what gives you true freedom of choice. You are able to choose again
in every moment and are free to make a different choice if you will. Detachment from choice is
secret of flexibility.

Stock market trading success comes to those who trade in an enlightened way. The masses are
emotionally attached to choices and that is why they lose money when they hold on to failing stocks
instead of selling them. They also fail to sell when the stock has reached a substantial level of
growth because they are attached to seeing it grow forever. The elite traders are not attached to
choices but they buy and sell freely in a way that makes them more money than losing it. To be
unattached is to be free.

Having the relationships you want also comes from being enlightened. What a woman really wants is
an enlightened man. He is a man who realizes his true being as a free spirit. He is free to express
himself to her and he is free from being affected by her. Being detached is the attractive quality
that makes a man uncontrollable by a lady. Being undefined by external factors is what makes him
self assured. He is capable of loving fearlessly and loving without attachment. Enlightened loving
is loving like a god.

Those who are enlightened get what they want by benefiting from movement and changes, whether
positive or negative. It no longer matters to them whether the stock goes up or down. They have
strategies to make money either way. It no longer matters to them whether which person likes or
don’t like them, or when their partner is happy or unhappy with them. They simply allow themselves
to enjoy all the happiness and positive energy they experience from whoever, whenever and however
it comes.

Enlightened manifestation of your desires is about getting the essence of what you want and not
being attached to the form or channel. Those who are attached to form or channel will suffer more
and more,and have less and less self esteem. Whereas those who are not attached will be able to
enjoy more and more of the things they like in life, and have more and more self esteem. Those who
have more self esteem are more capable of having the success and relationships they want compared
to the others.Freedom from attachment is also the reason why the rich get richer and the happy get
happier, while the poor get poorer and the unhappy get unhappier. Having comes from being. When you
are being detached, you are resonating with having. When you are being attached, you are resonating
with not having.

That is why it has always been said that you will finally be able to have what you want when you
no longer want it. It does not mean you do not want it, but you are no longer in a state of wanting
it. All that we want is peace and bliss. We think that when we have all the material things we
want, we will have peace and bliss. But that is because we don’t really know what peace and bliss
are. It is peace and bliss that bring us everything else in life. Peace is total transcendence.
Bliss is an untouchable happiness.

When we transcend all illusions of the material world, we are in a state of peace where we can
manifest anything we want. When we have no attachments, we have a happiness that cannot go.
Enlightenment is the key to everything. The unenlightened may ask what enlightenment has got to do
with making the money or getting the girl that you want. The answer is everything. When you are
enlightened, you realize that it is not about getting this or that, but it is all about knowing
what reality is,and who you really are. Then from that space of knowingness and beingness, you are
free to create whatever you wish. You’re free to play with illusions without being trapped by any,
as it is all just a game.


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Comment by bernard walker on May 8, 2010 at 2:26pm
Wow - the planet works in mysterious ways as does our wonderful guru Gia - and for the ordinary girl still seeking bliss I can certainly recommend:
Like Gia she is a gifted writer and has made her mark with this wonderful book - needs spreading thoughout SGI!
Blesings from a Zen Garden - Izu
Comment by Herb R Barker on April 30, 2010 at 9:49am
Peace to you Gia.

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