A Brief History of Humanity A little less than 13,000 years ago, something very dramatic happened in the history of our planet which is now affecting every aspect of our life today. Everything we exp…

A Brief History of Humanity
little less than 13,000 years ago, something very dramatic happened in
the history of our planet which is now affecting every aspect of our
life today. Everything we experience in our daily living, including the
particular technologies we use, the wars that happen, and the very way
we perceive our lives, is the direct result of a certain sequence of
events that happened during the end of Atlantean times. Results of
these ancient events have changed the entire way that we interpret our

Everything is connected! There
is only one Reality.

But there are many, many ways that the one Reality can be interpreted. In fact, the number of ways to
interpret the Reality are just about infinite. There are certain
realities that many people have agreed upon, and these realities are
called levels of consciousness. There are specific realities that
extremely large numbers of beings are focusing on, and this includes
the one that we're are experiencing right now.

At one time we existed on Earth in a very high level of awareness which
was far beyond anything that we can even imagine right now. We hardly
even have the capability to imagine where we once were because who we
were then is so out of context to who we are now. From that very high
place, because of the particular events that happened between 16,000
and 13,000 years ago, humanity fell through many dimensions and
overtones, ever increasing in density, until we reached this particular
place which we call the third dimension on planet Earth.

When we fell- and it was like a fall even though we didn't really go
anywhere- we were in an uncontrolled spiral of consciousness moving
down through the dimensional levels of consciousness. We were out of
control, and it was very much like falling through space. When we
landed here, in the third dimension, certain specific changes took
place, both physiologically and in the way we functioned in the
Reality. The most important change was in the way we breathed prana, a
Hindu word for the life force energy of this universe. Prana is more
critical to our survival than is air, water, food or any other
substance, and the manner in which we take this energy into our bodies
radically affects how we perceive the Reality.
Atlantean times and earlier, the way we breathed prana was directly
related to the electromagnetic energy fields which surround our bodies.
All of the forms in our fields are geometric in nature, and one of them
is a star tetrahedron which consists of two interlocked tetrahedrons.
Or you could look at it as a three dimensional "Star of David". This
star tetrahedronal field surrounds each of us.

The top apex of this star tetrahedron terminates one hand's length above the head, and the
bottom apex terminates one hand's length below the feet. A connecting
tube runs from the top apex to the bottom apex, through the body's main
energy centers, or chakras. This tube - for your body - has a diameter
which is the circle you make by touching your longest finger to your
thumb. The tube looks like a glass fluorescent tube, except that it has
a crystalline structure at the ends which fit into the apexes of the
star tetrahedron.
the fall of Atlantis, we used to bring prana simultaneously up and down
this tube, and the two prana flows would meet inside one of our
chakras. Specifically how and where the prana meets has always been an
important aspect in this ancient science, which is still today being
studied throughout the Universe.
Sacred Geometry

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