As you know, when we japanese chant, we sit on the floor Japanese style generically.
It was called SEIZA(to sit straight with your legs folded under you./kneeling).
I had trouble in Seiza because I could not feel my legs.
Also, many young people have toruble in Seiza.
When I had begun to pracitce, I did not always chant toward Gohonzon.
To what did I chant?
I used to chant toward an occipital region of head of our leade.
Then I paryed in my heart like this.
"Please, tinkle a bell early and finish chanting Daimoku. Or I may die....Oh, I can't feel my legs!!!"
When chanting finished early against the odds, I used to feel happy.
And I thought "Oh, my dream came true! My Daimoku made our leader trinkle a bell!"
I used to feel envy when I saw overseas members chanting sat on the chair.
Now I use Seiza-chair which is very small chair under my hip.
However, I am to use normal chair when I chant more than one hour.
Off cource, I chant Daimoku toward Gohonzon now.
Nichiren and Sensei are not saying that we should not use chair when we chant.

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Comment by kumi on April 28, 2010 at 3:22pm
I remember back in the day when we all had to sit on the floor @ our center. There were no chairs and a big huge shoe rack at the entrance. those were great memories however why suffer while you are chanting and your legs are asleep & numb. Now in our centers we have chairs and chanting long time sometime i feel like I need to sit on the floor. sometime the chair feels uncomfortable. go figure?
Comment by Amrish on March 24, 2009 at 7:50am
i too face the prob of numb legs.. could not overcome even after 4 yrs of practice.. please keep me in prayers for succ essful march 16 meeting on 29 March in goa - india. also in search of getting the right life partner.
Comment by wendy davison on March 7, 2009 at 12:00pm
haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! i love laughing daimoku!! it happens to me quite often as i get overwhelmed with a sense of absolute freedom and joy when i chant especially with my shakabuku vivien, shes back nin england. must chant with her soon!! you sound like a bundle of fun Toshizo, keep laughing.
Comment by Happy JC on February 5, 2009 at 4:38pm
Hello Toshizo, I am practicing here in Virginia, USA and I started Chanting kneeling. I used to fidget a lot and become uncomfortable. Now I use the Seiza chair and I am OK for a long Chant. When we practice in our groups we sit on chairs and I feel very Japanese because I want to kneel, haaahahaha! My exwife is Japanese American and a fortune baby. I raised her Butsudan up about 10" 30cm so when people sit in a chair the Gohonzon is higher. Ethier way Diamoko is great, right?

Thanks for laughing Diamoko! JC

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