Hello, I want to share my thoughts! Maybe for someone who is new it will be helpful too like was for me. Once I've read article on http://wolfsden.org/ (sorry I don't really remember which one) and realized that for people who just start searching themselves it's hard to find right path, so I am here with my humble attempt to help.

Jainism and Buddhism are two religions which have similarities based on their strong family resemblances. One of the similarities is the fact that both are non-Vedic religions that are observed by Upanishads and came about as a reform of Hindu religion. Their denial of the existence of God also makes them similar. They also were both in denial of the authority of Vedas and opposed any form of rituals and sacrifices that involved the use of animals. Their other similarity is their strict observance of right conduct and knowledge as a means of obtaining salvation. Regarding their principles, they both have Ahimsa as a prominent principle their religious observations (Jain, 2017). These two religions selected their disciples from all the castles and put into consideration followers from both sexes, whether male or female.

Despite the similarities between these two religions, there are some features that make them different from each other. One of the differences concerns the principle of Ahimsa whereby Jainism has a strict observation of this principle while Buddhism does not put a strong emphasis on it. Another difference is the fact that Buddhism does not consider the presence of soul while Jainism strongly in the presence of the soul in each existing creature. Concerning their conduct, Buddhism emphasizes the eight noble piths whereas Jainism emphasizes Tri Ratna. Another difference is in regards to their connection with Hinduism. Jainism maintains a closer association with Hinduism while Buddhism prefers to keep away from the Hindu ways as much as possible. As about their propagation, Buddhism spread to foreign countries outside the boundaries of India while Jainism remained confined to countries in India (Jain, 2017).

 Jainism is unique in that it promises true, abiding peace of mind and happiness as well as perfect knowledge about life. Buddhism on the hand has the unique feature of its noble truth of suffering.

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