Just came back from a trip to Shizuoka prefecture and was fortunate enough to see it- Mount Fuji in its stunning beauty. It was not my first time seeing it, but there was something special about it this time. It was glowing with a thin ring of clouds by the top. I remembered receiving a file from Sensei with a picture of Fuji and the words "Be as strong as the Mount Fuji". And sometimes I just feel I'm totally there and there are days (like today) when I feel it's impossible and will never happen. That that karma of mine is unbreakable. But then I tell myself: "If you quit now, you'll carry it around in your next existence." I don't want to.

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Comment by Anna on December 30, 2008 at 6:36am
I found it on the website with Sensei's quotes. I just don't know what went wrong, but I just realized I an stuck again with a certain issue I struggle with for around 15 years and recently had an impression Im done with it, but no. It's crazy, I'm tested all the time
Comment by Louis on December 30, 2008 at 6:28am
Nope. You won't carry it around!! If you did all that carrying around, you would become FAT! It ain't gonna happen! Karma equals mission. Anyway, thanks for quote on divorce. I saw it somewhere, but i don't remember. Where did you find it? I also posted it on the SGI President Ikeda's guidance group on this site.

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