This is the experience I shared in the AGM here in new Delhi on 29th Nov., 2009

Good Morning Friends, I am Dhruv Munshi. 3years back, when I joined this fantastic practice I was a jobless man, sitting idle for almost 5 years¦ I didn't have any confidence to face the world and leading a successful life was a distant dream, which I never even dared to imagine.

I describe my life in two parts – one, pre December 2006 era and the other post December 17, 2006 period. And what a turn around it has been. Life was an equation I never understood. No matter what I did or tried, it continued going in one direction – down, down and down. This happened for a large part of my life. The prime age of one’s life, the golden years from 38 to 52 were virtually lost in wilderness of being repeatedly defeated by circumstances, situations and a factor called luck.

I joined the government at a good position with lots of power even before I finished my studies. But, suddenly what happened to me I cannot fathom yet, I resigned from the government and all of a sudden became jobless as well as powerless. May be Gohonzon had other plans for me because had I continued, I would not have been sharing this experience with you today and encounter the Gohonzon to chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

With no job, my wife was the sole bread earner¦ One can understand our financial condition, which was at all time low. I tried my hands in many ventures but failed every time. I used to feel too ashamed to sit at home but I did not have any money to go out. I even thought of committing suicide. At that time I was introduced to this wonderful practice & my introducer gradually made me understand that whatever I am going through is my own karma.

My friend encouraged me to challenge the severity of my life and view it as an opportunity for growth. The words of Nichiren Daishonin came alive for me: “Suffer what there is to suffer, enjoy what there is to enjoy. Regard both suffering and joy as facts of life and continue chanting NMRK, no matter what happens. Then you would experience boundless joy from the Law.”

My struggle in faith without major breakthrough continued for only six months and then I did get a job. Friends, my condition was so miserable that I did not mind a job of even Rs.5000/.

Initially, I thought that I am doing compromise but then I thought that any job is better than no job at all. Later on I understood that this was just a makeshift arrangement from Ghonzon to make me prepare to look for other avenues of career also. I appreciated and took this opportunity to work hard and to show actual proof. Mystically I met one of my old friends who is in stock market and he was keenly looking for a person to manage his business. I GIVE MY DEEPEST GRATITUDE TO GOHONZON FOR GIVING ME THE WISDOM AND COURAGE TO ACCEPT THIS ACTIVITY BECAUSE THIS SMALL TIME JOB ITSELF BLOSSOMED INTO A FULL-FLEDGED CAREER LATER.

Even though finance was never my forte, I started working with my friend and learned many nitty-gritty things about the stock market and I became the Chief Operating Officer from Manager within six months after it was taken over by a financial giant. The journey from unemployed MAN to Chief Operating Officer in 6 months is even difficult for those who may have higher qualification and more experience than me but for me it became possible because I'm a BSG MD and this gave me enough strength to do 3 days of work in 1 day CONTINUOUSLY and CONSTANTLY. Sensei says "Charging forth with single minded purpose is the spirit of youth". I believed in Sensei's words and showed people around me that what a youthful energy of 54 yrs. can do if utilized appropriately.

In the meantime I was appointed as the Co-ordinator of my district. I started challenging myself to attend all meetings, home visit, encourage members and attend Pillar group meetings too. It has been my endeavour to attend all meetings and participate in all activities come what may. I started praying to Gohonzon for many more major experiences so that I could encourage my fellow members further more and I had many experiences.

The first and foremost is that on 10th of January,2008 I gave up my smoking and drinking habit of 35 yrs without any withdrawal symptoms. It was possible only due to my chanting which gives me a lot of strength. Earlier, I did not have the mental strength and discipline to stick to my decision. But now everything had changed because of my faith, study, practice and of course the wonderful support of my BSG leaders and members. I took sleeping pills for more than ten years. Today I am glad to report that I don’t depend on those silly tablets anymore for last one and a half years. This human revolution attracted many of my friends. I introduced more than ten of them to this wonderful practice and all of them have had wonderful experiences.

Second major achievement was in the last week of May 2009 when I received seven lucrative offers to join the government as Officer on Special Duty to seven ministers out of which three were of cabinet rank. I immediately contacted my leaders for guidance and was told that I would have to give up practice as it was a sensitive job. Then and there I decided to decline the offers because to me, my practice of Nichiren Buddhism is more important than anything else in the world. It is only because of the Gohonzon that I am where I am today and how could I leave my savior on getting lollypops?

I have been attacked by 3 obstacles & 4 devils since July last when I came to know that my eyes are in very bad shape & lost my sight in the left eye. I started chanting and taking action, that is consulting the experts. Nobody could give me any hope except for my leaders and comrades in faith.. My leaders said that remember Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo is greater than ANY problem. Your Dr. does not know this. You can win! Have strong faith in the Gohonzon and your buddhahood. Chant to show the greatest actual proof beyond what you can imagine.

Friends, I went for my eye check up to Chennai to consult some renowned eye surgeon but there were no encouraging words. During this tour I encountered my Shoten Zenjin in the form of a Homoeopathic physician who assured me of curing me within next six months including restoration of my vision. I am under his treatment and am proud to report that there is a marked improvement in my eye.

Friends, I am happy to report that my struggle really has paid off well as I achieved a major breakthrough in the form of winning the prestigious INDIRA GANDHI PRIYADARSHINI AWARD 2009 for Social activity in Financial Literacy & Employment Opportunity for the EWS youths. I received the award on 18th November, 2009 in a glitering function

Today I sincerely pay my gratitude to Gohonzon and to Sensei for my achievements, for my human revolution, for peace, poise and harmony in me and my family’s life and I make this strong determination that no matter where I'm, I will always make my mentor Ikeda Sensei proud of my action for kosen rufu.

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Comment by BISWAJIT SIRCAR on November 8, 2010 at 1:04am
WoW!!Commendable!!!Truly Inspiring!!!
Comment by Ricky Heng on June 18, 2010 at 3:03am
Wonderful experience. I'd love to share it during our upcoming district mtg to encourage our members.

We could all learn from your experience and make positive changes in our lives. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Comment by Carl Landon Taylor on December 27, 2009 at 8:17am

What an enspiring expereince. I am rght now going through some major obstacles. I am almost in a similiar sitution and I am doing my best to keep practicing no matter what. I do have a strong faith in this practice and with the Gohonzon. I have also been trying to chant more, which my life conditions keeps going up and down, which have made it hard for me to chant. I made a promise to myself that no matter how hard the situation is I will keep practicing and I will.Your experience was very encouraging for me and I know if you can win, so can I.I have made a promise to fight for Kosu-rufu and I will no matter what. I know everything is possible if you have this determined, never giving up faith . Thanks you again for your spirit and determination. I know I will make it.
Comment by Zalde C. Gallardo on December 27, 2009 at 12:36am
CONGRATULATIONS! That was indeed a wonderful and inspiring experience in faith! Keep on chanting and showing actual proof of faith. Indeed, no prayer will go unanswered as long as it is based on our commitment for kosen-rufu, to share true happiness to all people based on the Mystic Law.

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