My letter to the confused so-called "independent" Nichiren Shu believer.

This is just one of my many letters back and forth to this very hard headed guy, who I really should just let be, because I don't think he get's anything I say. But since he first contacts me I feel I have to answer him.

I don't know why I keep answering your questions.

You are so skewed in your thinking and you try to put words in my mouth,
like saying I claimed that unless you follow the SGI you can't get
benefit. None of my emails said anything like that.

I said if you slander someone you are going to get bad effects. Slander
is writing false things about people. Your thinking, like your thinking
about global warming (that it's some kind of conspiracy) is getting in
your way of seeing reality.

You have already made up your mind that the greatest organization in the
history of Nichiren Buddhism that is the only organization that has
started achieving kosen rufu in the over 700 years since Nichiren, has
some ulterior motives.

So instead of honestly trying to find the truth, you are trying to find
one small contradiction to back up your already preconceived notion that
SGI is a fraud.

Of course Nichiren Shu doesn't have a copy of the Ongi Kuden.

The reason Nikko left that temple on Mount Minobu, is perfectly spelled
out on wikipedia:

"... the other five senior priests only rarely returned to Mt. Minobu, and
they began to slowly deviate from what Nikkō viewed as Nichiren's
orthodox teachings. For example, some started to worship images of
Sakyamuni Buddha or to identify themselves as priests of the Tendai
school. The steward of the district, a convert of Nikkō's called
Hagiri Sanenaga, also began to commit "heresies"—actions such as building
a private temple dedicated to the Buddha Amida and visiting Shinto
shrines—with assurances from one of the other six senior priests, Mimbu
Nikō (民部日向, 1253–1314), that this was

"These developments eventually led Nikkō to conclude that the spirit
of Nichiren could no longer reside at Mt. Minobu, and that Kuonji was not
the place for perpetuating Nichiren's teachings. As the priest whom
Nichiren had selected to be his sole successor as high priest, Nikkō
decided it was time to leave."

When he left, he took with him all the important things, such as the most
important writings of Nichiren. Many of his disciples helped him bring
everything to the new temple he created at Taisekiji.

Despite the many times Taisekiji over the next 700 years deviated from
upholding Nichiren's teaching, like when they accepted the Shinto Talisman
during World War II (like all the other buddhist sect, including Nichiren
Shu - Nichiren too lived under military occupation but he didn't accept
it), the history of the 5 other senior priests and their lineage are far
worse violators of Nichiren's teaching.

And those that became Nichiren Shu, don't have all of Nichiren's writings
(despite what nonsense they try to fabricate about Nichiren Shoshu and the
Soka Gakkai), and they never published them for the general public, until
after the Soka Gakkai published them in the early 1950s.

You're idea that someday you will attain Buddhahood is because you don't
understand the Lotus Sutra or Nichiren's Teaching (the SGI is the first
organization to publish the Lotus Sutra in almost every language, yet you
think we don't follow it; what a major absurdity).

You are practicing a pre-lotus sutra idea that puts Shakyamuni above
normal people, which Shakyamuni destroyed with his vow in the Lotus Sutra,
making all people equal to him "with no distinctions."

I read enough of Toda's guidance in the 10 volumes (over 2,000 pages) of
the Human Revolution that I read, to know that this guy you quoted before
is either fabricating Toda's words or he's taking them so far out of
context as for them to imply something he never taught in all of his many
writings, including the first Human Revolution, which he wrote.

In prison he read the Lotus Sutra with his life and the Gosho and it was
in prison when he fully realized that we are all Buddhas as is explained so
perfectly in the Lotus Sutra and in so many of Nichiren's writings (even
in the writing that Nichiren Shu has that they don't understand).

If you can't see that he said "We are all Buddhas" in so many words in his
writings, it is only because you don't want to see it.

Nichiren would never say, I AM A BUDDHA. If he did (because of everyone's
completely mistaken view of what a Buddha is), he would have never been
taken seriously in his time.

People in his time had some fantasy image of what a Buddha is, that if you
don't have rays of light emanated from your forehead you are not a buddha.
These are childish understanding of what a Buddha is that the Lotus Sutra
and Nichiren disputed in his writings to Shijo Kingo and others.

When Halley's Comet dropped fragments on the Earth's atmosphere when
Nichiren was about to get his head cut off at Tatsunokuchi Beach, which
was observed all over Asia, when the sky lit up in the middle of the night
(causing people in China to commit suicide, which is recorded in history
books in China), if that isn't enough to show you that he is a Buddha, I
don't know what some light emanating from his forehead would prove.

I've already shown you where you're going to find them in Nichiren's
writings (On Attaining Buddhahood and the letter to Shijo Kingo saying he
is the treasure tower), so I won't waste my time giving you more examples
(though there are so many, but if you don't get those two, I don't see how
more would help you).

I just feel sorry that you have chanted so long and studied Nichiren's
teachings and you think someday in some future you are going to reach
enlightenment. You don't understand what amazing power you have in your
"single mind of faith" (Ichinen) to effect the 3,000 realms (Sanzen), but
if you don't have the mind of faith that you are a buddha your ichinen is
too weak to even cure your own problems let alone change the weather or
cause the future world to be drastically changed.

I will chant for you to some day get tired of your endless looking for
what other buddhas might not be doing right to see what you could be doing
to drastically change your life and the world.

I'll send some daimoku to Shaka too so that maybe he'll get it in this
life, so he doesn't have to wait for a future time when it won't be any
different to realize the obvious.

Peace, from next to Sado Island in Echigo, Timothy

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Comment by Dan on December 11, 2010 at 8:17am

Very welll put, Tim. Thanks for sharing.

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