Open Letter to My Mentor, Daisaku Ikeda on his birthday.

Dear President Ikeda,


January 2nd, 2013


Happy New Year and happy birthday.


After 3 years of intense struggle, I have finally finished my latest CD, "The Beginning is Here," which I released on Dec. 21st, 2012 (enclosed for your enjoyment).


I was very fortunate that 3 years ago, while I was going through a very painful time in my life (my divorce) that I happened to find the most incredible music producer, who just happened to live close to me in Niigata, Japan. He is from France, and he like myself is married to a Japanese person and is just temporarily living here in Japan. With this new CD, my producer, Remi Desroques has taken my music to the next level of its evolution.


However, shortly after my divorce in 2010, I found out I was going to be forced to retire from my job, with no retirement pay, because I had done the max limit of 5 years on the government teaching program, called the JET (Japan Exchange Teaching) Program. Although I never thought I would have stayed 5 years in Japan (I thought I might only be here for a year or two), I wanted to stay a little longer (at least long enough to finish my CD). However, after my forced retirement, I couldn't find any other work in Niigata, Japan, for over 6 months. Fortunately, after chanting a lot about it, I managed to get unemployment insurance from Hello Work, with the translation help of a senior men’s division member in Niigata (Mr. Yoshida Kogen). I was able to collect payments for almost the full 6 months that I was unemployed.


During that 6 months, while I was also looking for work in Niigata and outside of Niigata (even in other countries), I decided to use the time on the weekends, to do what I had hoped to do the full 5 years I had been in Japan, to finally start my All-Japan Music Tour. For the 3 years that I've been working on finishing this CD, every spring and summer, I have traveled all over Northern Japan and now some parts of Central Japan, performing my music at different train stations, selling my CDs and getting tips. I have been very surprised that Japanese people are much more generous with tipping me for playing music than I had ever experienced in my hometown, Orange County, California, where I performed my music for many years.


This spring and summer (2013) with my new CD release, I’m hoping to take my annual music tour further south to more parts of Central and Southern Japan. I hope soon to play every major city in Japan. It’s been my dream ever since reading the “Precepts for Brass Band” at age 10 to “spread [my] music to all corners of the world.” And although now I've only performed in 2 countries, Japan and the US, I feel it is the start of realizing my dreams.


This last year (2012) was the greatest year of change in my life. One year after my divorce, as I was just finding a new job, I got married again. My wife doesn't yet practice Buddhism with me, in fact she is very much against my Buddhist practice, much like my father was with my mother when I was a baby. But I have faith that someday she will see in my example how amazing Nichiren Buddhism is and she will take faith in it or at least become supportive of my practice. Shortly after getting married, my wife got pregnant. But she soon lost the baby within about 4 months of getting pregnant, due to extreme “morning” sickness, which lasted 24 hours a day for the full 4 months. Because my first wife suffered the same thing twice, this was my 3rd time to almost become a father, only to loose the babies before they were born.


Although I hoped those babies survived, I always felt that there are enough new babies coming into the world and if we want to become parents we could always adopt. But seeing how much my first wife suffered from loosing 2 babies and seeing how my current wife was suffering so intensely after the same thing happened, I finally chanted that I wanted my wife to really have a baby, and know she could do it, even though she was now 39 years old. After chanting intensely about it, within about 5 months she became pregnant again, but just like with the first pregnancy and with my first wife’s 2 pregnancies, she suffered 24 hours a day, everyday with the most intense and unrelenting “morning” sickness.


I felt so hopeless to help her with this sickness, even though I chanted so much about it everyday. Her younger sister said she also had the same intense “morning” sickness, 24 hours a day, throughout the whole 9-plus months of her pregnancy, with her now 10 year old daughter. I couldn't bear to watch my wife suffer. Right before becoming pregnant, we bought tickets to go to the US for Christmas vacation in 2011. But a week or so after buying the tickets, we found out she was pregnant again, so even though I wanted her to go with me and I didn't want to go alone, she kept insisting I go to the US to see my family without her.


I chanted a lot about it, and I decided to go without her for the 10-day vacation, even though I knew it was going to be hard to enjoy my vacation knowing my wife was home suffering 24 hours a day. But for some reason, I knew something life changing was going to happen to me in the US on this vacation, and I was chanting so much to make that a reality. And in fact, it did (but it was nothing like I expected). I had hoped maybe after more than 25 years of trying to fulfill my music dreams, that maybe I would find some big music connection when I set up a small concert to play in California during that vacation. But for the concert I did, very few people showed up and it wasn't anything amazing. But the big change came the day after Christmas, a few days after the uneventful concert. During Christmas lunch I tired to quickly swallow some bread and turkey at the same time, but they both got stuck in my throat; it was the first and last bite I had of the great Christmas feast my family prepared for me, until the next morning.


I was choking on them for over 8 hours, as I threw up every bit of water over and over that I tired to drink, to make it go down. Not having any medical insurance in the US, and having most of my licensed relatives just consume a lot of alcohol with their Christmas lunch, I wasn't going to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital on Christmas day. That would have cost a fortune in the US, which I didn't have. So I chanted all night that that turkey and bread would some how go down my throat, without me dying first, and it slowly seemed to go down further and further over the whole grueling 8-hour period. Finally at about 2 AM in the morning, after throwing up so many times, it went down naturally, though a little painfully.  I realized as I was trying to swallow all night and throwing up all night, what my wife had gone through for that last at least 5 months, as she couldn't swallow any food without throwing up, and many times she tried to throw up, she just had dry heaves, as she had nothing in her body to throw up.



One of my younger brothers who witnessed what I had gone through, had some new energy healing method he was learning that he wanted to teach me about, so I wouldn't have any more such swallowing problems. So the next day, he taught me all about this amazing energy healing method. This was the amazing thing I needed to learn and the reason I believe I really went on this trip (my music was going to have to wait a little longer). The healing technique is called the Body Code (and the Emotion Code is one aspect of it). It was discovered by a chiropractor and craniopath who had an office in Orange County, California for over 17 years, just a few miles from Soka University of America, where I graduated in 2005.


The doctor, Dr. Bradley Nelson, had combined every different type of modern and ancient healing modality into one extremely all-encompassing and easy to learn method, which includes, correcting nutritional imbalances (pH, foods, herbs, nutrients, dehydration, and magnetic field deficiency), structural imbalances (in the bones, nerves, muscles, connective tissues, organs and glands) toxicological imbalances (heavy metals, free radicals, EM spectrum, chemicals and microbial toxicities), energy imbalances (emotional, post-traumatic, allergies, intolerances, mental and offensive energies trapped in the body), pathogenic imbalances (parasites, fungal, bacteria, viral and mold problems), and circuitry imbalances (organs, glands, chakras, disconnections, and acupuncture meridian imbalances).


So on the way back to Japan on the plane and everyday for a month, when I came back to Japan I studied how to do this healing method and I chanted to perfect my ability with it very quickly. I realized right away that it could be used to take away morning sickness very quickly (something most doctors say there is still no cure for [I no longer believe that]). After getting used to doing the technique and making sure I was doing it right, I tried it on my wife and her morning sickness went away almost immediately. After a week or so, the morning sickness came back, but not as intensely, and quickly I was able to make it go away again. I had to do this every few weeks for almost the rest of her pregnancy, but I made it go away quickly, often within seconds every time and she stayed feeling healthy for many days after each session. As it got really close to delivery date, the sickness never came back. And on Umi no Hi (Ocean Day, July 16th, 2012) my wife at age 40 gave birth to our very healthy and beautiful daughter, Rosina Airin Kobayashi.


After first getting rid of my wife’s morning sickness, I tried this healing on all my many health problems, which I had suffered from for too many years. My allergies had been very bad and I had not had a sense of smell for many years, and in 2007 I had a nose operation to remove many polyps from my nasal cavities, which allowed me to smell for the first time in many years, but for only a week or two and then the polyps came back. I wasn’t going to go back and spend 10 days in the hospital for another nose operation, so I tried many different herbal remedies to control my allergies all with very little success.



I had also since 1999 had extreme lower back problems that would come and go and seemed to be getting worse and worse over the years. In 2008, when I finally went to see a back doctor in Japan (I had seen acupuncturists, sport medicine therapists and massage therapist before that, all with little lasting change), he told me I needed back surgery, but I didn't want to do surgery, so I went to a chiropractor and the chiropractor was able to take away the pain for a few months, just like an acupuncturist was able to do before him. So after about 2 years of going to a chiropractor about every couple of months and spending lots of money, it seemed my underlying reason for the pain wasn't going away, even though, the pain would go away for a few weeks or sometimes a month.


Also the swallowing problem that I had on Christmas day, though it was the worse I had ever experienced, had been a reoccurring problem, which came and went many times before that Christmas, for at least 4 years. Along with all these medical issues, I had also suffered many years with itchy skin, leg cramps, shin splints, indigestion and other gas related problems. For all these problems, I had always looked for natural cures and only a few times did I try taking pharmaceutical drugs, and I always stopped taking them quickly, because I didn’t like how they made me feel (usually worse). So I have chanted many, many hours over the last 20-plus years, to try to overcome all these medical problems, with little to no success and most of them seemed to be getting worse. This despite the fact that I have been working out at gyms regularly since I was 17 years old, have been doing yoga for a number of years, and I had always tried to eat extremely healthy and naturally (often organic and I was vegetarian then vegan for a few years, which didn’t help any of these problems), and I had been taking so many different types of herbs and other homeopathic remedies, for many years.


So I decided, with this new energy healing program, the Body Code, which helped my wife overcome her “morning” sickness very quickly, I was going to get rid of all these problems. Although it took me about 6 months working on myself with this program, about every other day, or at least once a week, every day I seemed to be getting much better in all areas. Now after 1 year working on myself, I can happily report I am completely pain free, almost completely gas free (only every once in a while I have a little gas, but it’s not bad), my skin has completely stopped itching and looks very healthy, I have not had a problem swallowing and my weight went down to below my pre-Soka University All-You-Can-Eat Cafeteria days, and at almost 42 years old, I look and feel younger than I’ve ever felt. If any issue comes up, now I can quickly find which of the 6 kinds of imbalances is causing the symptoms, and I can quickly correct them, and the problem goes away.


The greatest thing about this energy healing technique is it works at any distance, so now I have clients all over the world that I have helped get better from many medical and emotional issues. I also work on many people’s children and pets. I have now completed my Emotion Code certification and I am working on my Body Code certification, and I will soon have freedom to go anywhere in the world, any time I want and work on people anywhere I am or at any distance.


So my music dreams have in no way abated in the slightest, but I feel with this energy healing technique, I can now gain the financial freedom to take my music and writings to every corner of the world, as has been my dream for most of my life. While I was working on healing myself and working on finishing my CD, my wife encouraged me to enter one of my songs into a radio song competition in Niigata. One of my songs on this CD, “Sachi Says,” was selected in the top 10, out of over 100 song entries, to be performed in the final song competition. In that song competition, my song was selected by the audience as the “audience choice” and I was able to play it on a local radio station in Niigata (FM Port), along with another song I co-wrote with a Japanese friend, “I am Love.” After writing and publishing two books and now releasing 3 CDs, I’m ready to finally accomplish all my dreams, and I'm determined to do it for kosen rufu.


Yours in health and happiness,

Tim Janakos (VanCampen)

Soka University of America, Class of 2005

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