Talk about changing poison into medicine (Warning it has some bad language).

I forgot all about the first few exchanges I had with this one person I'm good friends with now online (a fellow song writer). I don't even know how we first got in touch with each other. But for some reason he was on my email list for my website ( and as any of you know who might have read some of my writings, sometimes I can write a few things that can shock a few people (but some people need shock treatment).

So this guy (who I'm not going to name, I'll call him Mr. American) wrote me back this email after one of my mass emails to my list on my website, which he was on:

I chanted a little before I wrote him back and some how I managed to turn around his anger and we have been good friends ever since:

Mr. American: "Hey you fucking little cocksucker. I've just about had it with your psuedo-intellectual emails, so take me off your list. I would have thought by now, even the Japenese you surround yourself with, have reached vomit level. Trust me. They know what kind of a little worm they have in their country. One thing I've learned over the years is that the surest indication of a gutless little weasel is the leftist expatriate type. You know, the kind of spoiled brat that used to relocate to Europe on inheritance money and spend all their worthless time putting the U.S. down at every little poop-shoot academic cafe stop. Sooner or later they eventually grow up or learn enough about life and people and make their sorry-ass way back to the U.S.,the best country in the world,despite our problems. You will be back, unfortunately.When all the mind control that you have imbibed over the years have started to wear off you are going to have an omelet all over your face. When that happens please spare all of us a fresh round of know nothing whining and back-stabbing. The best present you can give your Japanese hosts when you depart is to promise you'll never return.
"PS and oh yeah, get a job."

My response to Mr. American, after I chanted a few Nam Myo-ho Ren-ge Kyos:

"Great reply!!!! Wow, can I use it in my next book review??

"I happily took you off my email list, as I don't know how your name found its way on my list in the first place.

"By the way, I'm a Native American - Seminole Indian. My tribe ruled the East Coast before the 'expatriate,' puritanical lunatics were kicked out of Europe in the 1400s and came to infest the Americas with their viruses and their backward thinking. So yes I'll be back to the home of my ancestors in time to continue the struggle against the mental and spiritual poisons of those expatriate Europeans, whose greed and ignorance has been destroying what is good in the Americas for too long.

"Peace, from Japan, Timothy"

I never thought I'd get a response, but I was very happy when he wrote me back (the below response) and we've become quite good friends ever since, and he's always sending me good recording suggestions for my digital recording.

Mr. American: "On second thought,don't take me off your list,I'm starting to like you. You managed not to insult me
personally, as I did you. I was in a very ugly mood when I hit your email. Forgive me. I went more than a little overboard.
"I am a singer\songwriter, maybe I'll send some tunes.

"By the way, I am considerable parts Choctaw and Cherokee.
"Take care, Mr. American"

Not all my writings get such great responses, but this one was really great.

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Comment by Herb R Barker on November 27, 2009 at 9:22pm
Timmy_____You spared me today by posting your own "realization" congratulations. I was thinking all day yesterday and today how I was going to mildly respond to what you realized . (about the send button thing) Tonight I concluded that what I going to say after responding is___ P.S. Don't forget there may be very young minds that may really have a fondness for the cool dude on the motorcyle , his revolutionary ways and his grand and gentle voice of the people.
Comment by Tim Janakos on November 26, 2009 at 5:03pm
I guess we all need to think a few more times before we push send. I'm bad at that.
Comment by Deborah Carter on November 26, 2009 at 9:11am
Bravo!! I'm keeping your story in mind the next time I'm sent a fiery email.

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N. A. Sekiyama added a discussion to the group "To My Friends"--daily guidance based on Pres. Ikeda's recent guidance

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