I just took a drastic leap of faith and had a director come out from Los Angeles to Japan to film my first music video and I didn't really have the money to do it, but I just went with the "somehow the money will come from somewhere."

And the day before he took off from Los Angeles a car crashed into my motorcycle, which now means I have to fix my motorcycle (until my insurance reimburses me) but I don't even have the money to fix my bike now after making the video (which is still being made).

Then my work tells me I need to buy a return flight ticket home (which they will eventually reimburse me for) by the 18th of next month (or I won't qualify to get a ticket home), but I don't get paid until the 22nd, so I don't have money for the ticket.

And I don't really want to leave Japan, but I need to find another job before July 24th so I will have enough money to stay in japan.

But I don't really want a job (which is why I've been throwing all my money and time into my new CD and my new music video (totally taking a leap of faith that is scary, because I'm really out on a ledge now).

I'm going to chant like hell from now until June 18th and I'm looking for a record label to sign me or to get a book deal for my novel or one of my other books.

Time to break though. I look forward to reporting an amazing victory soon!!


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Comment by Nina Dalle on May 28, 2010 at 2:35pm
In Desperate Need of Financial Help Daimoku !!!

I was in N.Y. for the New Year Gongyo and some one made a speach about "Mamouth" & " Colossal" Victory this year...!!!

Well it really sank into me and here I am chanting for MAMOUTH VICTORY.... the result is I'm loosing my job again, my boss is horrible to me and I have more debts than I have ever had to face or over come ! LOL

So why on earth do I feel so confident that it's all so positive and that the equivalent of my debt (which is huge) will fall into my bank account and that a wonderful job will wait for me soon ???

Anyways... Please help I am in great need of Daimoku please !!!

All the best,

Comment by Herb R Barker on May 28, 2010 at 3:31am
Changing karma is, well, a "bitch"(lol). So gruesome sometimes (lol). You have to keep a good humor about it as you well know, I'm sure (lol). Hey, were the luckiest people in the whole universe. Enlightenment baby that's what I'm shootin for. Everything else is secondary. Hey, your'e chanting more than normal, therefore enlightenment is nearer if you will. Well, you know what they say, but I still see it as a goal that keeps my sights set. Don't forget to keep your problems in perspective. How many folks have strong gakkai family support like you have? I studied to be a big time A/C tech. Chillers and large cooling towers etc. I turned out to be (after years and years and years of study) a small fry Electrician and small fry A/C tech. I've had a wonderfull time. I've been in 10's of thousands of Orange County homes. I've been in every neighborhood in this county making repairs. I never would have had this personel experience with all the good folks of O.C. had I been in a lonely room trying to adjust pneumatic controls for a chiller. Anyhow you have so much support, so I'm sure your "break" in the musical world will soon arrive. I've listened to some of your recent recordings. How developed your voice is becoming. Control is coming along nicely. Keep a tight upper lip as the Brits say. Have a great week-end Uncle Herb
Comment by Tim Janakos on May 28, 2010 at 12:34am
Uncle Herb. That was my karma all through my Orange County days. Every time I made a goal to take a trip to another country, my car broke down and I had to fix it or get a new (well old) car. So I didn't leave the US until I was 30 and that was just to drive to Mexico for my first time. And if it wasn't for SUA I would have never went to my second foreign county. I actually didn't want to go on my study abroad program, because I had to quit my job and I was so worried that I would die in Japan without a job and I would never survive. Now I'm feeling like I'm having a flash back, but I somehow survived, so I could do it again.
Comment by Herb R Barker on May 28, 2010 at 12:07am
Go Tim____I'm sure mom will be sending you loads of daimoku, so there is really nothing to worry about is there? (lol) Good ol mom.(lol) Money problems are a drag aren't they. Wish there were money trees (lol). Truly (lol) I was on the 73 last month and forgot that I had a little oil leak. By the time I got on top of the endless climb, my engine was going tick, tick, tick. New engine 1800 bucks. Next week my fuel pump went out 300 bucks, week following that water pump went south chachink another 150 bucks. May contribution is here. What to do? (lol)

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